Andrew Frampton’s new studio is in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, California.  Andrew is an acclaimed songwriter/producer and co-owner of Phonogenic Records and co-president of Epic UK.  Some of the artists that Frampton has recently worked with are
The Script , FloRida, Natasha Bedingfield, Olly Murs and Orianthi.

A critical design component of the studio was to create a professional environment that Andrew loved working in. To that end, the spacious control room features magnificent views with over 25 feet of bi-folding glass doors. Whether they’re opened or closed, it really gives you a sense of the studio being amongst the trees. The control room utilized custom Kaufman & Associates acoustic treatment and RPG Diffractals in the rear wall.

The 200 square foot ISO room also has excellent exterior views and perfect sight lines into the control room. It is sitting on a floating floor system with custom acoustic treatment throughout and has a very natural sound with a RT60 of 320ms.

Frampton primarily works in the box with a MacBook Pro and Apogee Symphony Interfaces. The keyboard controller is a Studio Logic VMK-161+ on a slide out tray. Monitoring is through the Crane Song Avocet, Quested V2108’s or NS10’s powered by a Bryston 4BST with Genelec 7070A subwoofer. Outboard equipment includes Neve 1073’s, API 512’s, GML 8302, LA2A’s, Tube Tech, GML 8200, etc.

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