Facility Design

From concept through completion, we balance the technical requirements, including isolation, acoustics, ergonomics, HVAC, lighting, equipment, interior design, and budgetary needs to produce stunning results that are elegant, sound spectacular and look extraordinary. 

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Acoustical Consulting

Services include acoustical analysis and room tuning, sound isolation, reverberation design, vibration control, HVAC, and site analysis. Consultations are typically on existing rooms that are exhibiting problems, but can also be for clients that do not require a complete design package, but prefer working with us on an hourly basis.

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Audio Video Systems Design & Integration

We advise on the selection and integration of all audio, video, recording, projection, lighting, grounding, power, and control systems, starting with an analysis of the client’s needs. Kaufman & Associates have relationships with a number of excellent integrators that we can recommend.


Dedicated Home Theaters

What sets us apart from the crowd? We have 40 years of experience designing and building professional post-production facilities and recording studios. The same studios that make the movies you watch and the music you listen to. That makes us uniquely qualified to build your dedicated home theater. If you’re looking for a theater that rivals the best theaters in the world with spectacular sound and superior image, Kaufman & Associates is your solution.



Our Design Process

The Design Process of an acoustic space requires a systematic approach

  • PROGRAM It starts with meeting with the client and getting a clear understanding of the expectations for the space. This will include the use and expected occupancy of each room, equipment, monitors, level of isolation required, acoustical signature of the spaces, aesthetic vision, ergonomics, special needs, etc. 
  • The next step is to visit the site. This is critical to determine if the space will meet the criteria based on the clients expectations (program), and if there are any unique issues associated with it including noise or vibration, structural concerns, EMF, etc.
  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN This is a proposed simple layout of the room/s. It is a starting point to see if the space can meet the programs requirements, and if the client likes the basic concept.    Multiple versions may be required prior to signing off on a particular design.
  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT is a complete design concept that includes most of the elements including much of the technical components.
  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS These are a comprehensive set of plans that will be used to bid the project and build the room/s. This set of drawings will be very detailed and will include everything required to successfully build your project.
  • BIDDING Kaufman & Associates will help the client submit the plans to contractors and review the contractor’s proposals. We also have lots of experience with a number of excellent contractors that we can recommend to streamline the process.
  • PLAN SUBMITTAL Submit plans to city and follow through until permits are issued. If the project is out of the Los Angeles area, the local architect of record or client will handle this process with the support of Kaufman & Associates.
  • CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION is a critical service that we offer. It assures that the contractor is building the project per the drawings, that any questions or concerns get answered quickly, and that isolation and acoustic specification milestones are met.
  • INTEGRATION Advise and oversee all integration services as required.
  • FINAL ROOM TESTING & TUNING is done once the construction is completed and the equipment is installed. We use a variety of tools including our ears, the most important tool, and Smaart, FuzzMeasure, etc.