Designed by Kaufman & Associates for Beto Hale, Los Olivos Recording Studios is a newly opened facility based out of the San Fernando Valley, CA. Built from the ground up, it is a 2000 square foot studio featuring a live room with a 20 foot ceiling, two large isolation rooms, and a spacious control room equipped with a Pro Tools HDX system and Avid S6. The studio features a wide array of mic pres and vintage microphones, guitars, amps, drums, and a 6”2” Steinway model A piano. The facility has been designed to exceed NC15 noise specs, and the live room, with an 725ms RT60, produces a beautifully warm, yet detailed sound field. 3PMC IB1S-AIII reference monitors, a pair of twotwo8 monitors for surround, and a twotwo sub2 active subwoofer provide crystal clear 5.1 monitoring. NikiTek performed the integration for the facility.

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