Kevin Manthei has been working in the film, television and game arena for nearly 20 years. He has worked as the series composer on more than 6 animated TV shows - representing over 200 half hour episodes, composed over 50 game soundtracks, has made a mark composing music for independent films, as well as contributing additional music on many well-known feature films. Kevin's contribution to the industry can be found at the heart of his philosophy: No matter the genre of music, strive to find a unique and creative way to approach the score.

Kevin’s studio, often referred to as Triumph Studios, was designed by Kaufman & Associates in conjunction with architect Jose Gonzalez,  and was converted from a horse barn into the studio facility and guest house it is today. A major challenge with the space was that in immediate proximity there were many animals including horses, goats, dogs and chickens that make lots of noise. Due to this, the facility required high levels of isolation.  Within the facility there is a control room, a large live room which can also be used for movies and screenings, and 2 production rooms. The end result speaks for itself.

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