Kaufman & Associates is currently working on a new studio for Nate Barr called Bandrika. Nate is a composer known for his work on True Blood, The Americans, Flatliners and many more. The new facility started out as a two story, 10,000 SF building. Jay eliminated about ½ of the 2nd floor to produce a full height stage of 24 feet. The stage will easily accommodate 50 players and has a very unique feature of also incorporating the original Fox theater organ. It has been completely refurbished and we’re looking forward to hearing it once the room is completed. The space also has a 475 SF control room that will have B&W D3 monitors. There’s lots of common areas including a great kitchen and offices to complete the space with a lounge overlooking the stage. It should be completed in April, 2018.




Designed by Kaufman & Associates for Beto Hale, Los Olivos Recording Studios is a newly opened facility based out of the San Fernando Valley, CA. Built from the ground up, it is a 2000 square foot studio featuring a live room with a 20 foot ceiling, two large isolation rooms, and a spacious control room equipped with a Pro Tools HDX system and Avid S6. The studio features a wide array of mic pres and vintage microphones, guitars, amps, drums, and a 6”2” Steinway model A piano. The facility has been designed to exceed NC15 noise specs, and the live room, with an 725ms RT60, produces a beautifully warm, yet detailed sound field. 3PMC IB1S-AIII reference monitors, a pair of twotwo8 monitors for surround, and a twotwo sub2 active subwoofer provide crystal clear 5.1 monitoring. NikiTek performed the integration for the facility.