During his tenure at Screenmusic Studios as the COO, Jay of Kaufman & Associates transformed this post production facility into a world class operation, providing services to Disney, Universal, Lucas Arts, and Warner Bros. Part of this revitalization was the addition of a state-of-the-art dubbing theater, two ADR stages and a Foley stage which Jay designed and built.

Studio A - Dubbing Theater
State-of-the-Art 5.1 digital dubbing theater. Euphonix console, Barco projector with Faroudja video processor, Multiple Protools HD systems, and spacious producers desk. The stage also has a generous ADR booth, which can accommodate up to 6 actors for cast recording or Walla. A triple layer screen pulls down over the window for mixing. The right side wall is designed to match the acoustics of the left wall with the screen in place for optimal left right imaging.
Studio A - Live Room
This room posed substantial isolation challenges being only fifteen feet from a busy intersection. Careful design considerations produced a very quiet room with a NC20 rating and a RT 60 of 295 ms throughout the entire audio spectrum. A custom coffered ceiling was designed to fit into a 2’x2’ T-bar grid, which acted as a diaphragmatic absorber substantially controlling the low end yet keeping the room naturally bright. The HVAC system required custom silencing plenums and registers. Air flow was kept below 300 feet per minute.

Clients loved this room, in fact, it was hard to get them to go home. This room posed some unique challenges. One obstacle was the very low ceiling height. Jay used the existing ceiling joists and capped around them to produce a beam ceiling effect without reducing  ceiling height, and left a sufficient cavity for HVAC and electrical.

ADR Stage
Large volume stage with neutral acoustics ideal for ADR. The stage was also frequently used for Walla groups and large cast recording sessions. The stage had many creature comforts including a kitchen, two patios, lounge, and VIP room.
Foley Stage
State-of-the-Art Foley stage that looks great, sounds even better and is highly functional. All of the Foley props were stored behind large sliding doors that also acted as bass traps. Each Foley surface also had multiple insert surfaces for added flexibility.

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