Kaufman & Associates designed this ground up 6000 square foot scoring facility. Jay’s design focuses on refinement of classic acoustical elements brought together to spotlight the timbres and detail necessary for Hollywood film scoring. The room was designed to produce a very even reverberant field throughout the space with a .9 second RT60. The character of the room is very detailed, yet warm.

The Bridge Recording Studio has an 800 square foot control room housing a Neve VSP 96 input (192 mix inputs) console with scoring master section, custom Neve cue mixer and Flying Faders, and Protools HD7 & HD3 rigs. LCR monitors are free standing ATC300ASL’s in K&A custom designed cabinets with Bryston amplification. The 8 speaker QSC surround array offers true theatrical surround monitoring.

One of the main challenges in the design process was dealing with outside noise levels from nearby train tracks. Despite this, The Bridge boasts an impressive NC10 sound rating.

The stage is 36’ x 48’ x 22’ and will comfortably seat 60 players. There are also two spacious isolation booths, both measuring 13’ x 18’ x 10’.

Click here for a 3D view of the space.