Toby Gad has become one of the most successful songwriters in the recent past, working with hit artists such as John Legend, Fergie, Madonna, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, Colbie Caillat, Selena Gomez, Jessie J and more. Jay of Kaufman & Associates was hired to convert his garage and an adjacent room into a writing room and mix room respectively. Toby has a definite aesthetic, and because of that, everything from the colors and wall surfaces to the use of views of the Hollywood Hills through windows needed to vibe with him. The space also needed a high level of isolation so that the facility could be used without bothering the house directly above or disturbing nearby neighbors. Jay was able to design the space to have proper levels of isolation as well as high quality acoustic treatment in a manner that sonically compliments the space and visually emphasizes the beauty of the room and natural surroundings. Toby was very pleased with the end results.

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